Best Capsule Massage Chair for Full Body Pain Relief in India

Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair for Full Body Pain Relief in India 2020 Best full body massage chair for instant paid relief. Multiple massage methods of kneading, tapping, kneading shiatsu, manipulation and knocking. Enjoy music by connecting your device via blue-tooth.


If you are looking for best capsule message chair for full body pain relief in India 2020 then you are on the right place to buy the best capsule massage chair for full body massage in India.

Robotouch Capsule Massage Chair Specification

It is good to read the specification of any product before you buy, below we are sharing some important specification of Robotouch capsule massage chair.

  • It is designed with a set of 4 which has wheel driven mechanical massage hands that may move up and down while stretching backward and forward.
  • Air bag pressure massager.
  • This capsule massage chair comes with six simulation massage method of taping, kneading, kneading shiatsu, tapping, knocking and manipulation
  • It’s comes with with six types of characterized auto massage serve as.
  • Legs designed with roller massage at the bottom of foot, scraping massage at the arch and heel and two pairs of mastoid rotating massage on toe root.
  • You can realize the zero gravity when go into reverse. Cool L shape back track fitting for body curves
  • The back heating serve as uses carbon fiber as on infrared heating source.
  • Play music and enjoy while relaxing on massage chair by connecting the blue-tooth to a smart or tablet device.
  • Negative oxygen ions generator set at the upper armrest.
  • With fast button on right armrest, including switch ON/OFF, Zero gravity, auto linkage move.
  • Designed with USB for charging
  • Rated Power : 150W
  • One year Robotouch Warrenty on massage chair.Free installation and Demo

Capsule Massage Chair Benefits

  • A unique zero gravity experience
  • Scraping massage on the arch & heel
  • Soothing massage on toe root
  • Body curves fitting L Shape backtrack
  • Instant body pain relief & absolute muscle relaxation
  • Bluetooth connectivity to play favorite music
  • Carbon fiber powered infrared heating for back relief
  • Negative oxygen ions generation for a clean environment

Full Body Relaxation Massage Chair

Today’s life is very tedious whether it is mentally or physically. If you are a business person, then you know that for today’s lifestyle, you need a system that can remove stress from your fatigue.

if you have body restlessness because of work and you want to relax with a good body massage and of course without any effort then you must buy a capsule massage chair for full body massage.

This Capsule massage chair is the full pack of complete body massage system. It comes with six simulation massage methods of kneading and taping, manipulation, kneading shiatsu, tapping and knocking.  Buy a complete upper and lower body massage chair to get rid of body pain and get instant pain relief & muscle relaxation.

Where can I buy a massage chair?

Well, you can buy a massage chair online from amazon which is the most trusted online platform and also you can buy from local market. If you want to buy a massage chair online then I will recommend you to go to amazon via this amazon link.

Why you should go with this link? Well, first of all you don’t need to search the best massage chair on amazon, it saves time and efforts. Like this if you are searching for best capsule massage chair then you can go via this link to buy the best from online.

Why Capsule Massage Chair

If you want to know why should buy capsule massage chair then you should read the above benefits of using capsule massage chair. In short, if you want to buy a compact full body massager with zero gravity experience, instant body pain relief with Bluetooth music connectivity and premium rich look then you must go for this capsule massage chair.

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